About Us

What is a Quasar: QUA-SAR

The word “quasar” kwāˌzär, also known as a quasi-stellar radio source is a massive and extremely remote celestial object in which a super or ultra massive black hole resides. When feeding, large amounts of stellar gas and dust falling in onto the black hole creates an accretion disk heating and accelerating these particles of matter to incredible speeds, the power radiated by quasars is enormous and can be seen shooting jets of intense electromagnetic radiation millions of light years into space. It is believed Quasars are the most powerful and luminous astronomical phenomena in the entire universe.


Founded Jan 1st 2017 and re-branded and established as Quasar Sim Racing Jan 1st 2019, Quasar Sim Racing is a premier sim-racing sprint and endurance team currently participating internationally across the iRacing and Assetto Corsa Competizione services.

Specifically built to be a strong, unique, and viable sim-racing team targeting drivers looking for a higher level of performance and professionalism in their approach to sim-racing, and structured to compete against the best teams in the modern iRacing and ACC arena. We pride ourselves on our hard work, competitiveness, and strong motivation to succeed creating a healthy environment for our current and up-coming drivers to flourish and grow. Our work ethic emphasizes greatly on driver development and team building and has become a proven formula for our ongoing success.

Our mission is to develop elite drivers with strategic race knowledge and advanced driver skills capable of competing at the highest levels of sim racing. The Quasar Sim Racing team has had much success competing in the iRacing European/Global Endurance Series, GT Endurance, and special event races since its inception, and hopes to continue on its journey to the pro ranks of endurance racing in the virtual world of simulation racing.

Team motto: “Consistency kills”

Team Cars:

  • Quasar Sim Racing – ORION (Primary endurance prototype)
  • Quasar Sim Racing – VIRGO (Secondary endurance prototype)
  • Quasar Sim Racing – HYDRA (Primary endurance GT)
  • Quasar Sim Racing – LEO (Secondary endurance GT)

Management team:

  • Garrett Thompson (Founder/Manager)
  • Aaron Ackles (Manager-iRacing & ACC)
  • Jonnie Waters (Manager-iRacing & ACC)